9th November 2016

A Testimonial

I’ve sessioned with you once… That was all it took for me to know that if anyone has perfected the art of dominance you’re the lady to seek guidance from… Not only are you aesthetically imperious you know almost telepathically how to read people’s kinks. .. Ive seen a few mistresses and you’re by far and away in a league of your own… Genuinely. ..you put the reality into fantasy and to top it all you seemed a really nice lady… Personally i can’t speak highly enough of you… You’re the best I’ve ever seen
29th May 2017

Testimonial from slave p

Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones is the best Mistress I’ve ever had sessions with. I travel for over 2 hours to reach her yet I won’t session with anyone else. If you are a professional Mistress and want to further your training or if you are an amateur wanting to learn the ropes, you will find no-one better anywhere in the UK. Whichever part of the UK you are in, or even if you live in another country, Mistress Bryce-Jones sets the standards, and is the Mistress to choose for your Mistress training.