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Mistress Training

Mistress Training at Manchester Mistress Academy

Training for the professional Mistress

This is a course for making a career out of becoming a mistress, the biggest mistake most beginners do is to learn a bit about a lot of different fetishes, it takes years to become a mistress capable of carrying out different fetishes to a reasonable standard. A seasoned experienced client will know straight away that you are a novice and he will not come back, there are some mistresses that have been doing this work for a few years and they still have to leave the session to think of what to do next, this is a tactic to waste time because they have run out of ideas, clients who can afford a mistress on a regular basis are not fools, most are successful business men and they pick up on things, the art of this business is regulars, if they enjoy the session they will return you must concentrate on giving a session that is value for money, most clients work hard for their money so its up to you to make sure if they choose to visit you, they get value for money..

So sounds difficult doesn’t it making a living by being a mistress, well it doesn’t have to be, there are ways to still work as a mistress while learning your trade, this I will show you if I think you are capable, at the same time I will tell you if I think you have chosen the wrong profession.

Most important is to create your own identity, if you search the internet looking at people working in this industry don’t assume that they are doing it right, a lot have very little work although they like you to think otherwise. Sticking one finger up on a photo doesn’t make you a good mistress, its how you preform in the dungeon, treat the dungeon as your stage you must make every session the performance of your life.

I could write all day telling you things about fetish but there is no substitute that beats showing you , so if you think that this is the life for you the first step is to book in and follow that dream, if you think its a stroll in the park, and you only need to flash your boobs, don’t waste your time and mine.

Training for the amateur Mistress

Be the Mistress in your intimate moments, your very own 50 shades of grey in your private time, have you ever thought what it would be like to be a mistress to your partner but don’t know how to go about things? or maybe you have tried a few things together but it lacks something, well its time to do something about it..

I am Bryce-Jones and have been a mistress from the age of 17 years old, I have worked in different countries and mentored many professional mistresses who have gone on to make a lucrative living in the UK and as far away as Australia.I have gained my skills through trial and error, and I have been tutored by experts from around the globe, and I am still learning from the experts that come to me for advanced sessions, they have always some new idea they want me to try out.

Ladies you will be surprised how becoming a mistress to your man in your home or even outdoors in the countryside will enhance your sex life, intercourse is not the be all and end all of a relationship. Think about it, how long have you been doing the same old thing when it comes to pleasing your man? how many times have you been left frustrated? You need to bring fetish into your private life I will show you how, do not think you are or can be a mistress because you buy a whip, many escorts make that mistake, they buy a paddle and hit their client as hard as possible and think they are now a mistress, I call them escorts with a whip, dangerous people with no idea about fetish or BDSM.

Gents why are things not the same? are you the bore of your ladies life? and don’t know it? does she make excuses not to play? are you the best lover in the world when you have had a drink? do you want that lady you married back? then you need to contribute and get it in your head you are not gods gift to women, you need to try a different approach I suggest fetish role play, I will show you how.

Couples if you agree with the above or if you are indulging already but running out of ideas then this is aimed at you, so why not book in with me as a couple and learn together, we can start with a chat and delve into your minds, there is always some kind of fetish that you have never shared before, or something what your partner has always fantasised about but has kept it a secret,trust me we will find it.

I will show you how to turn your fantasies into reality without you being embarrassed, who knows the fem of your relationship might get so good that she could become a professional.

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